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The most comprehensive technology platform to integrate blockchain technology

The Blockchain Enabling Bridge (BEB) links together the main components of a complete IT solution :

 Databases, Software, and Blockchain



Structured with intelligent components

The Blockchain Enabling Bridge is structured around 4 main components : a data flow manager with data connectors, a rule engine, an ETL specific for the blockchain technology, and the Use Case Modules. 

DROON's technology relies on the strength of the underlying blockchain technology and is compatible with the most appropriate blockchain for your project.


The bridge can be associated with one or more Use Case Modules part of our library or custom developed for your specific need.

Elements of the bridge

Import {DROON} from ‘@droon/library’ ;

// Initiate Module

const droon = new DROON ({module name : ‘…’ }) ;


await droon.start(data) :


// Interact with the module

const returnModule = droon.modulename ;


Use Case Modules

Use Case Modules are features libraries included in the rules engine that provides relevant functionalities to interact with digital data.

Made for developers : Simple integration of blockchain features in the code


DROON's technology benefits

Simplified integration for legacy systems with efficient APIs

Increased data security with the optimal use of blockchain technology

Native interoperability between different types of blockchains 

Capacity to integrate most of the existing blockchains

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